Be ready to pay double the parking fee in parts of London if you drive a high-polluting vehicle

Owners of high-polluting vehicles in England are bracing themselves for a new change in policy that is set to greatly affect the cost of ownership. Lambeth has become the latest council in London to introduce emissions-based parking fees, with other areas in the country expected to follow suit. According to the new tariff system, one fixed charge per hour of parking has been replaced by 26 different charges, with different rates based on the CO2 emissions of the specific model. Drivers of the most polluting vehicles in Lambeth are expected to pay more than twice as much as cleaner cars. In addition to that, a diesel surcharge has also been introduced, which will be applied to diesel-fueled vehicles that are non-compliant with Euro 6 Emission standards.

In addition to altering the parking tariffs for public places, Lambeth has also introduced a new pricing structure for residents’ parking permits, which are already based on CO2 emissions. According to a report by The Guardian, the annual cost for the highest polluting vehicles has increased from £340.73 (about $430) to £500 (approx. $635). Expectedly, the move has been met with stiff resistance from the locals. Out of the 2900 people consulted for the proposal, 59% objected to its implementation as it will penalize ordinary people. However, EV owners were the ones to welcome this change as positively affects their ownership cost. Despite the opposition, Lambeth decided to go ahead with the new tariff system, stating that air quality is a major public health issue.

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The non-electric SUVs and pick-up trucks continue to be the most polluting vehicle types, but supercars with massive engines aren’t much better. However, the new tariff system will also adversely affect the owners of older cars as well as those who drive gas-guzzling exotics, especially the ones that are more than 5-10 years old. If you own anything from a G-Wagen to a Bugatti Chiron, expect to pay double the parking fee in the foreseeable future. Tell us what do you think of this new way adopted by the authorities to hasten the transition to EVs and greener mobility options.

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