Driver flips a $500,000 Ferrari 488 Pista upside down while driving on one of America’s curviest roads

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The Tail of the Dragon is a beautiful stretch of winding road that snakes between Tennessee and North Carolina. There are as many as 318 curves in 11 miles, making it a favorite driving road in the US amongst car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Thrill-seeking drivers from all over the country come here with their high-performance machines to enjoy driving on the twisties, which also makes it equally dangerous. Accidents are pretty common on this road and as many as 50 motorists have perished in crashes since 1995. The recent victim to the unforgiving curves of the Tail of the Dragon is a Ferrari 488 Pista that ended up on its roof after the crash. Thankfully, the driver was unharmed in the accident and managed to crawl out of the wrecked supercar with minor scratches.

Facebook – Idiots on the Dragon.

According to several reports, the Ferrari 488 Pista was taking part in the Epic Adventures Blue Ridge 2021 rally, which included a massive gathering of supercars from all over the US. The incident occurred just after a famous hump on the road which is commonly referred to as Gravity Cavity MM3. A witness to the accident said the Ferrari came in hot and hit the hump at a very high speed, making the exotic supercar go airborne. Most of the rider aids and electronics won’t save you if the car catches air. The driver immediately lost control and spun into opposing traffic. The Ferrari eventually went and hit a wall, which flipped the car upside down.

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Facebook – Idiots on the Dragon.

Incidentally, there was a photographer perched on the very same wall who was covering the 2021 Epic Adventures Blue Ridge Rally. The Ferrari narrowly missed hitting the photographer, which could have made the accident much worse. Luckily, no one was injured in the accident, except for the driver’s ego and the Ferrari 488 Pista. Ferrari says it will build only 3500 examples of the $500,000 track-focused supercar and several of them have already been totaled in the recent past, which is truly sad.

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