After vandalizing David Geffen’s $400 million megayacht, eco-activists wanting to highlight the climate crisis sprayed black paint on a secretive millionaire’s 134-foot-long superyacht in a Barcelona marina.

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Eco activists in Barcelona’s Port Vell Marina are ensuring that no superyacht goes back clean to where they came from. After vandalizing David Geffen’s $400 million superyacht while Kris Jenner was onboard, they attacked another, Lion Yacht. The 154-foot Baglietto was targeted by Extinction Rebellion and Scientific Rebellion activists. This paint-clad double whammy is kickstarting their “Week of Rebellion” by targeting multimillion-dollar assets with the most significant carbon footprint. To leave a clear message to onlookers, the vandals carried the banner “fossil subsidies + luxury tourism = climate crisis + drought,” which they brandished through the docks.

“In Catalonia, three unprecedented years of drought have pushed the agricultural sector to the brink of collapse and raised the prices of food and energy. It’s a clear warning: persisting in burning fossil fuels is criminal and short-sighted,” said Extinction Rebellion Barcelona on X. “Megayachts are an example of an unsustainable lifestyle. The responsibility for the eco-social crisis lies primarily with the billionaires.”

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That sense of deja vu you are feeling right now is owing to a similar incident that took place last year with the spectacular Kaos superyacht. The $300 million luxury vessel belonging to Walmart heiress Nancy Walton was attacked with red and black biodegradable paint with a sign next to it that read, ‘You Consume Others Suffer.’ In fact, the 360-foot Oceano beauty was vandalized twice by the Futuro Vegetal group. Week of Rebellion is the eco mob’s way of bringing attention to the end of fossil fuel subsidies. Activists for climate justice have gathered in the capital, where, throughout the week, different activities related to the European campaign will be carried out.

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With so many superyachts currently sailing in the Mediterranean, it is only a matter of time before we hear of a third incident.

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