Fancy even for a Bond villain – This Pininfarina luxury catamaran comes with transparent glass cabins, an expansive deck and is noiseless

A billionaire with bottomless pockets can now live a life of luxury beyond supercars and mansions. To really live a life of unmatched opulence and celebrate one’s success, a creation like this 70-Foot Pininfarina Catamaran Superyacht should be on the purchase list.
This 70-foot Catamaran Yacht by designer Samuele Errico Piccarini is a concept for now but one that immediately takes your imagination places; you can’t imagine anyone on it other than a larger-than-life businessman tycoon who looks better than George Clooney and earns more than Bezos. It’s a creation that acts as a metaphor for having arrived in life. It’s like aged whiskey and superlative wine, meant for high-class affairs that are more fit for closing a high-stakes business deal than hosting a raucous party. The luxe catamaran’s highlight is the gargantuan transparent hulls that allow guests a peek straight into the master suite on one side and the guest bedroom on the other. Take a step outside, and there sits an expansive deck replete with reclining chaise lounges and round tables perfect for watching the sunset and sipping cocktails. To enjoy the sprawling ocean views, take a seat on the flybridge that offers plenty of seating to see the ocean from a panoramic viewpoint. Designer Samuele Errico Piccarini gives an extra dose of high luxury. The unmistakable “less is more” Pininfarina design language reflects wonderfully in stylish interiors, dimmed lighting, and minimalist furniture, finished in classy materials such as marble and precious woods.

Several lounge areas occupy the catamaran, one under the flight deck that could probably double up as a sauna, and another small lounge area feature real sand, stones, and vegetation. A formal dining room is also included right next to the guest bedroom, along with a generous sundeck aft. Luxury catamaran Capitolo is a sailing catamaran that frees up space that would otherwise have to be used for solar panels and renders it noiseless and emissions-free. Capitolo is a work of art that’s ideal for the ‘king of capital.’

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