Outfitted with solar panels, this path-breaking hybrid-electric catamaran uses AI for sustainable navigation across the high seas

Rossinavi has rendered its first hybrid-electric catamaran, Seawolf X, with the charm of a superyacht, the speed of a cheetah, and innovation like never before. The 141-foot catamaran is a vision boasting exterior architecture by Fulvio de Simoni Yacht Design and interiors by Meyer Davis Studio. The result is a sleek and low-profile silhouette that reminds you of a sports car. The inspiration lies within the sun, sea, and sand with a touch of luxe, which is as essential as performance for owners. Seawolf X includes a convivial cockpit centered around a pool, an expansive sundeck with sunbathing and living spaces, and a surprising bow area featuring a hidden pool and a convertible home theater. The real magic lies in its technology.

Rossinavi has developed an onboard artificial intelligence system called Rossinavi AI that helps in the seamless operation of the vessel. From predicting the needs of the guests to dialoguing with crew members and advising on conscious cruising, the AI tool is equipped to handle it all. The AI software monitors the battery pack to keep it in a range of 20% to 80%. Another advanced feature of the catamaran is its three modes. The environmentally friendly catamaran cruises in full electric mode for one-day trips, 90% of the time for multi-day journeys, and in 80% electric mode during transatlantic trips. The hibernation mode also contributes to energy saving owing to the presence of solar panels installed by the Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design team.

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The energy received from these panels can be utilized to charge up an entire villa or returned to the quay. “After years of study and construction, it is now a source of satisfaction and pride for us to witness the launch of Project Sea Cat, now Seawolf X, the first hybrid-electric multihull vessel. This yacht showcases remarkable technological innovations in both power management and propulsion technologies, marking the beginning of a new chapter in next-generation vessels,’ stated Federico Rossi, Chief Operating Officer of Rossinavi. Seawolf X is equipped with two diesel generators to recharge batteries and possesses the ability to recharge at shore power in only five hours.

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