Powered by hydrogen, this 64 feet long, $7 million luxury catamaran has an unlimited range.

Hydrogen propulsion is here to stay with the best yachts and catamarans equipped with the eco-friendly alternative. The smart and solar catamaran yacht designed by Christian Grande and built by Latitude Yachts will hit the seas in 2023 as the definition of a ‘Pocket Superyacht.’ Aquon One will singlehandedly redefine energy efficiency by becoming the first solar and hydrogen yacht. Talk about combining modern comfort, performance, and sustainability, this multi-hull with modern amenities and innovative green technologies does it with ease.

As seen in the images, nearly 700 square feet of solar panels on the flybridge roof harness enough energy to create hydrogen. The hydrogen fuel cells then provide power to the two electric motors and the onboard amenities. Aquon One is free from noise and emissions, which means it guarantees a quiet time at sea with nothing to draw your attention except uninterrupted sprawling sea views. The eco-friendly catamaran can comfortably seat up to 8 guests in a 4-stateroom arrangement.

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The Aquon One also comes in a two or three-cabin layout for those looking at smaller configurations. According to Fraser, the 64-footer Aquon One boasts an estimated top speed of 16 knots. A peek inside reveals roughly 1,000 square feet of living space enhanced by using natural materials like light bamboo and recycled leather. LED lighting can be adjusted as per your mood or time of the day with a simple touch on your phone.

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The main deck is divided into a living area and dining room. The lower level consists of guest cabins. The terrace offers a dining table, sun lounge, and direct access to the ocean for an enjoyable meal amid nature. Interested billionaires can shell out an affordable $7 million to take the Aquon One home.

[Via: Fraser yachts]

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