This $4200 gaming cockpit looks like a Terminator robot, comes equipped with a pair of Gatling guns, and rolls on Caterpillar-style tracks

If you’re looking for ideas to add something really cool to your mancave, look at this outlandish gaming cockpit, which looks like a robo-assassin straight out of the Terminator movies. You’re looking at Cluvens’ 2024 model J20 Gatling Battlestation, a gaming cockpit that rolls on tank tracks and has a pair of Gatling guns (obviously fake) on each side of the ergonomically designed chair. The American company has introduced version 2.0 of the gaming station this year, which is both bigger and stronger than its predecessor. According to Cluvens, the J20 Gatling Battlestation was redesigned with keeping in mind all the feedback received from the users.

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Starting with one of the coolest features of the gaming cockpit, the quad tacks act as a strong base for the setup. While the Caterpillar-style tracks are fully functional, they are not powered. So, you’ll still have to manually push the gaming station to change its position. However, the massive arm supporting the monitor setup is fully motorized, letting you adjust the height according to the recline angle of the chair. With the arm fully extended, the gaming station measures 220cm in height, which can be reduced to 150cm with the arm locked in the lowest position.

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The J20 Gatling Battlestation can equipped with either three 29-inch monitors or a 49-inch ultrawide Samsung G9 monitor. The arm is also fitted with anti-glare work lighting. The position of the chair is controlled by hydraulic motors. Also included in the setup are three adjustable shelves to hold the keyboard, mouse, and other equipment. The gaming cockpit is available in three color choices: black/grey, black, and iron grey. The version 2.0 is now available for pre-order, priced at $4,199, which doesn’t include the monitor and the gaming hardware.

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