Bugatti of the high seas – This $90 million luxury catamaran cuts through the water at 50 knots and is powered by hydrogen

The ‘Nemesis One’ is gathering accolades as the world’s first high-speed, luxury multihull hydrofoil. It’s all set to change the face of high performance cruising multihulls as this luxury catamaran will be able to rise out of the water on hydrofoils to achieve a fast speed of over 50 knots. Nemesis Yachts debuted their groundbreaking 332 feet futuristic hydrofoil catamaran design that redefines a conventional sailing vessel with its amazing technologically-advanced features. For one, the ‘Oceanwings’ wing sail promises to keep crew requirements to an absolute minimum as the wings automatically adjust its angle of attack, camber, and twist, eliminating any need for manual sail trimming. Secondly, the all-carbon fiber Nemesis One has a stunning futuristic vibe that doesn’t strip away the comfortable interiors. The designers have incorporated state-of-the-art hydraulic and electric controls that bid adieu to pull lines or handling sails. Nemesis One will be equipped with the latest generation of smart LiDar (laser radar) sensors, precisely capturing the yachts’ surroundings meaning the current sea state, and factors like wave height, shape, and frequency, will all be live monitored by LiDar.

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Considering it is raising the performance bar with its high-speed one should know that it doesn’t compromise on stability and safety at any given speed. Nemesis One is also breaking ground by making available the unique option to exchange the port and starboard facing living modules, for ones with different interior configurations. The interior layout can be changed from owner to charter set up in a blink of an eye! To make the most of this beast, both modules can also be completely removed, transforming the already very fast yacht into the ‘Ultra-Light Race Mode’ configuration. What stands as one of the most important and praiseworthy features is that Nemesis One is a zero-emissions machine requiring no fossil fuel! The superyacht’s many innovations come with a price tag of an estimated $95 million.

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