BMT Nigel Gee’s semi-SWATH catamaran concept to debut at Monaco Yacht Show

What you see above in the picture is an awesome Yacht concept named ‘Project L3’. This semi-SWATH catamaran innovative concept yacht has been designed by superyacht naval architect BMT Nigel Gee and developed in partnership with UK-based design studio Claydon Reeves. The concept will be introduced for the first time at the upcoming 2014 Monaco Yacht Show. The SWATH technology has the advantage that it reduces the movement in the rough seas but at the expense of very high powering requirements and high running costs in comparison to more fuel efficient, conventional catamaran hullforms. However, the semi-SWATH catamaran hullform of the concept will offer significantly lower motions than those of a conventional catamaran, yet with a minimal increase in powering.

“Gentle flowing lines which have a sense of urgency about them have been combined with a bold colour choice to ensure that this 85m, high performance catamaran makes a statement in the harbor!,” said James Roy, Design Director at BMT. The layout can be adjusted to function either as an impressive social space or a more intimate family based environment with a spacious full beam master cabin aft on the bridge deck. Large sections of glass in the main deck floor allow occupants a unique view between the hulls, particularly when lit up at night. An articulated beach area and dive club unfolds at water level, bridging the space between the two hulls and creating an unprecedented width of over 15m. Propulsion options that were tried include conventional diesel engines which would provide a top speed of 20 knots, and a CODAG (COmbined Diesel And Gas turbine) which would deliver in excess of 40 knots.

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