This video game billionaire’s superyacht is so luxurious that it will take 5 years to be constructed. Longer than two Olympic sized swimming pools the hybrid vessel will accommodate 22 guests and will be as silent as a stealth warship.

Oceanco created history with Project Y721, aka Koru megayacht belonging to Amazon co-founder and centibillionaire Jeff Bezos. Now, the shipyard is readying another mammoth, next-in-line 364-foot-long Project Y722. In June 2023, Project Y722 was spotted out of the shed for the very first time.

Commissioned in 2020, the motor yacht began construction in 2020 at the Zwijndrecht facility in the Netherlands. With interiors by British designer design house Mark Berryman Design and an exterior design by Espen Oeino, this will be one stellar yacht sailing the high seas come 2025.

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Per Yachtcharterfleet, Oceanco Y722 will comprise at least 11 suites and a crew of 33. The luxury vessel, believed to be the shipyard’s third largest yacht ever, will boast amenities like a sauna, spa, a massive beach club, gym, and a cozy Jacuzzi on the sundeck. “Y722 will break new boundaries at Oceanco, with, amongst other things, her industry-leading noise & vibration characteristics, and the focus on usability and operability will bring a holistic comfortable experience for all aboard,” explained Dan Morgan, YTMC Managing Director.

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The affluent owner is a yacht enthusiast who sails the high seas but not without understanding the environmental impact. With Project Y722, efficiency and the environment have been at the forefront of the design process. The ship is equipped with a diesel-electric power plant and an extensive battery energy storage system ensuring emission-free silent running.

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Marcel Onkenhout, Oceanco CEO, commented, “At Oceanco, we thrive on working with visionary clients and their teams to build yachts that challenge the status quo and look to the future for inspiration. It is very rewarding to be able to collaborate with an owner and their team in such a positive and involved way. From her unique layout and philanthropic operations to her forward-thinking, future-proofed technical capabilities, Y722 is a trailblazer in every aspect.”

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Gabe Newell is legendary in the world of video games-
Billionaire businessman Gabe Newell, worth $7.86 billion, is the co-founder of video game developer Valve, which gave the world, crazes like Half Life, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead, and Counter-Strike. The 61-year-old former Microsoft employee and Harvard dropout found Valve with fellow Microsoft coder Mike Harrington. Half-Life’s debut in 1998 changed life 360 degrees for the tech whiz. Valve featured more than 19,000 games for players of all ages and interests, making the businessman an estimated $100 million annually.

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