German police raided Russian billionaire’s $320 million megayacht for the second time in a month and seized artwork worth millions of dollars. The 378 feet long vessel is so massive that the police had to take the help of Navy experts to find hidden compartments and doors.

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Keeping art worth millions of dollars on superyachts isn’t unheard of. Adorning a multi-million dollar floating palace with expensive paintings and other art objects is quite the norm. Is it, however, a decision Russian tycoon Farkhad Akhmedov will regret? Not only is the lovely Luna superyacht out of his reach, but apparently, even the art collections inside, and impressive ones at that, are now beyond his reach. During an action against the Azerbaijani tycoon, officials from the Federal Criminal Police Office ( BKA ) confiscated an expensive art collection on the luxury yacht Luna.

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The 378 feet long vessel has bulletproof windows, several hidden compartments, and expensive artwork. It looks like Akhmedov’s fastidiousness failed before the vigilant investigators who boarded the $320 million vessel in the port of Hamburg, securing paintings and other art objects with an estimated total value of several million euros. Luna was seized in the Port of Hamburg.

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Farkhad Akhmedov. Via – Moscow Times

Tycoon Farkhad Akhmedov appealed to the Council of the European Union to drop sanctions imposed on him in April. Earlier, too, the businessman couldn’t enjoy his beloved Luna owing to a divorce battle with now ex-wife Tatiana Akhmedova. While the couple battled it out in court, the majestic luxury yacht was wasting away, moored in Port Rashid in Dubai for over two years.

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Luna could’ve sailed a different path if not been brought to Germany-
Akhmedov’s decision to sail Luna from Dubai to Germany after winning his prized possession back in the $600-million divorce settlement didn’t turn out in his favor; some love stories aren’t meant to be. Per Stern, in a telephonic conversation, Akhmedov expressed frustration over bringing the Luna superyacht to Germany before the war. He woed, “If only I had left the boat in Dubai. But no, I was told it can be best maintained where it was built.” The 378-footer was built in 2010 by Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven. The splendid boat would probably still be in his possession if she stayed in Emirati waters.

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Its pool at night.Via Charterworld

The massive ship holds ten large VIP rooms to accommodate 20 guests. The nine-decker boasts a well-equipped gym and an impressive beach club with a spa, steam bath, plunge pool, and sauna. The two tender garages are packed with an armada of toys, including two multipurpose custom-made lifeboat limousines worth nearly $4 million each. Luna was sanctioned in June 2022 and has been stuck in a sanction probe ever since.

Via Charterworld

Less than a month ago, the German police sought the help of Navy experts to find hidden compartments and expensive artwork. Clearly, the second time’s the charm.

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