If Apple were to ever design a superyacht for billionaires, it would look precisely like this. With a slick design, this 279 feet long vessel has curves at the right places, it’s ultra-luxurious yet very practical.

Feadship’s eleventh concept, dubbed Slice, is a 279-foot superyacht. This impressive work of Studio de Voogt was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show. What sets Slice apart is how it breaks nearly every mould typical of a luxury vessel. In Slice, you won’t find long hallways, amassed living spaces, or dark interiors. Ingenious and glamorous, a long strip of glass extends from bow to stern and warrants plenty of natural light radiating through multiple decks.

This so-called ray of sunshine also lends the concept its name. In the words of Studio De Voogt’s lead designer Chris Bottoms, ‘Slice turns the inside out and the outside in.”

Studio De Voogt envisioned Slice as a technically advanced envelope that rethinks the yachting lifestyle,” Feadship said. The yacht has several impressive areas, like the sprawling and well-designed 70-square-meter atrium, a 10-meter multi-level pool, and the inviting beach club with an open-air cabana overlooking the water.

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It’s instantly perceptible the interiors display only a neutral palette with a range of textures, metals, and finishes. Using wooden surfaces is completely avoided, as Feadship requested that teak be avoided entirely. Slice is, therefore, a stunning masterpiece full of marble, onyx, liquid metal, silver leaf, shagreen, and straw marquetry.

What’s conspicuously missing are suffocating rows of accommodation. Instead, the designers have incorporated open and airy features. The guest cabins sleep up to 20 guests onboard and are serviced by 24 crew.

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The owners enjoy a spacious suite with amenities like a private terrace and a small pool.

Slice performs well owing to four dual-fuel generators. Flaunting an estimated top speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 11 knots, the Slice yacht can become a reality as early as 2027.

Does any deep-pocketed billionaire want to go superyacht shopping? Designer Marco van Ham said, “We already have samples of all the materials and everything, we really delved deep with this concept and made sure that everything here is possible. If somebody orders this tomorrow, I can make the technical drawings and we can get started straight away.”

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