A 60-year-old man crashed his $3 million Ferrari 275 GTB through a fence in Italy. Thankfully, the extremely rare and historic car is salvageable.

If you own an extremely rare Vintage Ferrari worth millions of dollars, I’m sure you’ll always be on your toes trying to protect it from any kind of damage while driving it on the road. Nothing can be more disturbing than harming your prized possession in an accident. However, the nightmarish situation became a reality for the owner of an ultra-rare Ferrari 275 GTB who had the misfortune of crashing the $3-million-plus car after losing control. The accident took place on October 19 in Italy, somewhere between San Rocco al Porto and Piacenza in the northern part of the country. According to a report by IlPiacenza, the car was being driven by a 60-year-old, who lost control of the yellow-colored Ferrari and crashed into a fence shortly after leaving a shopping center.

Ferrari 275 GTB. Image- Ferrari

Thankfully, the driver didn’t sustain any serious injury in the incident, except for a bruised ego and the agony of damaging an ultra-rare Ferrari in Italy. There’s only one picture of the crashed Ferrari 275 GTB, which shows a dented front fender on the right side and a mangled front nose. However, the ultra-rare Ferrari could have sustained some serious mechanical damage underneath the bodywork, including broken suspension components. Yet, the vintage Ferrari still very much looks salvageable. The only problem is it won’t be cheap. Being one of the most desirable classic Ferraris which is around 60 years old, the car has to be fixed by a specialist, especially if the owner wants to retain the car’s value.

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Cabin of the Ferrari 275 GTB. Image – Sothebys

The Ferrari 275 GTB is a two-seat grand touring coupé produced by the iconic Italian manufacturer between 1964 and 1966. It is powered by a 3.3-liter Colombo-designed V12 which had a claimed output of 280hp when new. Considered one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever made, the Ferrari 275’s jaw-dropping design was penned by Pininfarina, while the body was manufactured by Scaglietti. Less than 500 examples of the 275 GTB were produced, making it an extremely rare automobile to where the Prancing Horse emblem. On very rare occasions the surviving examples show up at auction, which end up selling for more than $3 million. We can only hope the crashed Ferrari 275 GTB will soon be restored to its former glory.

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