Ferrari boss confirms a Lamborghini Urus-rivaling four-door SUV

With Lamborghini officially re-confirming that their Urus SUV will make its debut on December 4 this year, it looks like Ferrari doesn’t want its archrival to hog the limelight. Earlier this year in July, Ferrari for the first time in history hinted that it might be considering adding a SUV to its product line-up in the near future. But Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, removed any kind of ambiguity from the situation by recently confirming that the company is “dead serious about [an SUV].” He said, “Ferrari is beyond just considering an SUV and will take about 30 months to decide on production, which will be limited to preserve exclusivity.”

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“We need to learn how to master this whole new relationship between exclusivity and scarcity of product, then we’re going to balance this desire to grow with a widening of the product portfolio,” said Marchionne. It’s not just Lamborghini and Ferrari that are making a move into the segment. In fact, most other luxury carmakers have already jumped on the SUV bandwagon thanks to ever-increasing demand. Interestingly, Ferrari is calling it FUV, which is short for Ferrari Utility Vehicle. The new sports crossover is expected to arrive in 2021 and will be the sole four-door offering in the company’s line-up.

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