A $250,000 Ferrari at a Florida dealership got completely destroyed after falling down the elevator shaft

A beautiful silver Ferrari Roma has joined the list of exotic cars destroyed over the last few months; let me warn you beforehand that the images can be distressing. In a freak accident, the Ferrari coupe was seriously damaged after it went down crashing an elevator shaft at a dealership in Palm Beach County, Florida. Thankfully, nobody was injured in this incident except for the Roma, which appears to have been badly harmed. The accident was actually not caused by a human error; instead, an “elevator malfunction” has been blamed for the terrible incident in the preliminary report by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, which was tasked with the recovery of the vehicle that was left dangling in the shaft.

In fact, pulling out the damaged Roma turned out to be very tricky for PBCFR Battalion10 which had to deal with the Ferrari’s leaking fuel tank and a potential fire hazard. Power had to be temporarily shut off at the dealership to prevent a fire and it took the team around four hours for the entire recovery operation. “Special Operations worked with Kauff’s Towing and their new rotator wrecker to remove the car from the elevator,” PCBFR said in a statement. “Kauff’s 45-foot boom and multiple 50,000-pound winches were the right tool for the job.”

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Judging by the pictures, the grand tourer’s entire rear end looks completely destroyed, while the roof and the hood also look badly scarred. Considering that it tumbled almost one whole floor, the Ferrari’s frame must have also been damaged, which makes it highly unlikely that it will be repaired; unless some YouTuber picks it up.

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The dealership can also consider itself lucky that it was the Italian manufacturer’s most affordable vehicle with a starting price of $243,360. Things would have been much worse had it been one of Ferrari’s limited-production models that can cost a few million dollars.

The Ferrari Roma

(Images via – Palm Beach Fire rescue)

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