Ferrari F12 Berlinetta rides with a $3,533 carbon fiber cup holder option

The price tag that comes along with exotic supercars is sometimes just the tip of the iceberg covering only the standard equipment. The options lists are so tall that they can considerably push the price by a huge margin. We have seen a few outlandish order lists that have taken us by surprise, but Ferrari F12 Berlinetta’s option form redefines ridiculous. One Carbon McCoy, on his Facebook, posted a copy of the order form for Ferrari’s $315,888 fastest road-going car F12 Berlinetta. The options alone add up to more than $65k, which is more than what Porsche Boxster S costs. But the highlight of the list is the carbon fiber cup holder. It has been remarkably priced at $3,533, and that too for a component that hardly makes any difference.

It might not look that big an amount in front of $400k for a new F12, but there are cars sold in some parts of the world that have a cheaper price tag than that of a carbon fiber Ferrari cup holder.

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[Via – Carbuzz]

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