Ferrari’s new hypercar is coming – Will replace the LaFerrari by 2022

While the world continues to drool over the LaFerrari, word from Maranello is that the replacement is already in the works. In an interview with Britain’s Autocar, Michael Leiters, Ferrari‘s chief technology officer, said LaFerrari’s replacement could show up as early as 2020 and will be born from fresh innovations. “When we define our new roadmap of technology and innovation, we will then consider a replacement for LaFerrari,” Leiters added. “We want to do something different. It won’t be a road car with a Formula 1 engine because, to be realistic, it would need to idle at 2,500 to 3,000 rpm and rev to 16,000 rpm. The F50 used an F1 engine, but it needed to be changed a lot.”

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In contrast, Mercedes announced its intention to transfer the same technology from its world championship winning F1 cars into a road-going hypercar, codenamed Project One. However, Leiters believes F1’s current engine technology isn’t suited to road cars. The LaFerrari was launched in 2013 and Ferrari traditionally introduces a new halo car at an interval of every 10 years or more. With the replacement for the LaFerrari only few years away, it may seem that it’s too soon for the new icon from Maranello. But with the growing competition in the hypercar segment, can we really blame Ferrari?

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