The first $4 million Lamborghini Veneno arrives in the US for a proud Miami based owner

The Lamborghini Veneno coupe created ripples in the automotive industry when it was officially unveiled at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. The astonishingly designed hypercar is based on the Aventador and the Italian marquee had announced that it will make only three examples of the coupe version which were all sold out long before the car was unveiled. Kris Singh of the US was one of the three customers who booked one of the Veneno coupes for $4 million. Mr. Singh who is the Managing Director of Tequesta Investments received his Lamborghini Veneno day before yesterday, Jan 20, completing the transaction that started in March last year.

Priced at $4,090,050, the Lamborghini Veneno is the costliest car sold new in the history. The Veneno #2 was sold to Mr. Singh by Lamborghini St. Louis, which is owned by Graham Hill and J.J. Mills. Kris Singh bought the car last year even without having a look at the pictures and without knowing any specifications. The first copy of the Veneno, a Verde Ithaca edition, was delivered to Singh’s Miami residence at 7 in the evening. After taking delivery of the $4 million hypercar, Singh along with Lamborghini St. Louis’ owner Hill went for dinner at a South Beach restaurant. The car was parked right in the front of the restaurant for people of Miami to have a look at this amazing machine.



[Via – Autogespot]

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