Floating glass floors, floor to ceiling aquariums and Nautilus windows – If Darth Vader would ever get a mega yacht it would be this

The world of superyacht is a fascinating one. It’s pretty much like a spaceship with several mindboggling features and attractions that explore the infinite oceans instead of a ceaseless space. Speaking of space, Gresham Yacht Design has released their latest mega yacht concept called ‘Thor Explore’, and the futuristic concept looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie. The 328-foot (100-meter) Thor Explore can carry up to 36 guests with a 7,000-nautical-mile range. As the name suggests this is an ice-classed explorer, uniquely constructed with a floating glass floor to make the most of breathtaking views of the arctic and the oceans. The views inside are just as spectacular as what lies outside; let’s take a look at the futuristic and avant-garde Thor Explore:

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This is the main area of Thor Explore and is known as ‘The grand saloon’. It features double-height windows and a floating glass floor supported by structural beams. Adding character to the place is a sunken seating area that brings back the retro vibe in a futuristic setting.

This is the lower level of the main saloon that can be turned into a private space by a simple flick of a switch that can turn the glass floor opaque. This separates the two levels completely and is equipped with a lounge bed, bar and central seating area.

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Guests can enjoy their time onboard by visiting the beach club. A stunning circular corridor with a floor to ceiling aquarium either side leads you to this space and get up close to the aquatic life housed within. The beach club boasts of fold-down balconies and a one-of-a-kind tender garage that can be accessed via a large bi-folding glass door.

The garage is what holds all your toys including a 41-foot custom tender, hydrofoil speedboat, a two-person submarine, along with kite and windsurfing equipment, diving gear, surfboards, and jet skis.

[Via: Boat International]

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