Floyd Mayweather’s Ferrari Enzo may kick a $3 million punch at Sotheby’s next month

Retirement could mean relaxation for some, but for the man with iron gloves, Floyd Mayweather, a whole new game’s just begun. Known for his wide collection of cars that are a sight to behold, the retired boxer has not held back much when it comes to stacking up Ferraris and Bugattis in his collection.

Which is why, when you hear about Mayweather’s Ferrari Enzo going up for auction it sure is surprising. The car has a history in itself. It was done up in Rosso Corsa and sold to a Dubai-based buyer. Next, the car was purchased by Floyd Mayweather. It now comes under the hammer with just 560 miles covered, which means that it’s yet to fully stretch its wings. Thanks to his current disposition, the boxer has decided to part ways with this car and it’s expected to be auctioned at RM Sotheby’s. Next month’s Driven By Disruption sale in New York seems to be the perfect avenue for the car to meet its new master.

History has it that this isn’t the first high-profile Enzo to come under the hammer. $6 million was the previous record set by the sale of Pope John Paul II’s Enzo that had just 111 miles on the odometer. The auction house predicts that this one could fetch over $3 million.

[ Via : Autoblog ]

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