For the young and successful – Rolls Royce launches Black Badge models

What makes a Rolls Royce luxurious? Sure their engines are supremely refined, their interiors as beautifully crafted as a St Regis suite and when it comes to sheer road presence nothing remotely comes close, but that is not all. Its the level of customization offered to a customer that makes a Rolls Royce truly luxurious there are literally millions of permutations and combinations right from body paint, to the veneer to the seat leather and everything and anything inside the cabin. Now Rolls Royce wants to take that to another level or should I say another segment, one which is much younger than the average Rolls Royce customer. According to the company they are ‘elusive, defiant, disruptors and play hard’. Apparently start up founders, kids of oligarchs, young sheikhs and they all want a blacked out Rolls Royce.

Taking luxury to the dark side the Black Badge is currently available for the Ghost and the two door Wraith. The Spirit of Esctasy and the double R lettering on the hood now have a high gloss black finish. All the chrome finishes have been darkened, wheels are made of composite carbon fiber and alloys, a result of four years of development.

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The black is no ordinary black, according to the company its the deepest and darkest black ever seen on a production car. The interiors has super thin aluminium threaded carbon fiber covered with six coats of lacquer, cured for 72 hours and hand polished.

Things have been changed under the hood as well, the Ghost’s engine gets a 40 hp bump, the transmission is a bit more aggressive and the gear are held more longer. Overall delivering a more engaging ride and a Rolls Royce that is enjoyed behind the wheel and not in the back seat. the Black badge Wraith gets a similar treatment.

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Pricing is not known but expect to pay a heavy premium for the Black Badge.

In a nutshell just imagine a Rolls Royce getting the ‘pimp my ride’ treatment at Harrods.

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