Forget traffic jams; fly to your work in this ultra-cute single-seat helicopter

Hate the massive traffic jams on the commute to your office? How about something that will not only help you completely avoid the traffic but also put an ear-to-ear wide smile on your face during your travels. A micro-sized helicopter! Meet the Mosquito XE Single Seat Helicopter by Composite FX, a tiny chopper that enables pilots to take to the skies without the need for airfields or similar expansive landing space. Described by the brand as an “affordable, high-performance machine for helicopter enthusiasts,” the ultra-light chopper features auto-rotation capability and strong tail rotor authority.

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The company’s XE line of helicopters also includes a model named 285 – a more robust Mosquito which Composite FX calls the “workhorse” of the XE family. The chopper is piston-powered, water-cooled, and oil- and fuel-injected, with a programmable ignition. It is powered by a tiny 800cc 85HP horsepower with a fuel consumption rate of 6 gallons per hour. You can have a look at the micro-helicopter dipping and curving by watching the POV video down below.

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