From burning a Porsche 918 when fueling to totaling a million dollar Aston Martin – Here are some of the most unfortunate and cringeworthy supercar accidents you have ever seen

It is simply astonishing and a little hard to believe how many rare, ultra-expensive exotic cars are lost to crashes and unfortunate incidents. Agreed, it can happen to the best of us, but a lot of them are victims of negligence and sheer lack of skills behind the steering wheel, or purely just bad luck. Many of these machines are built in very limited numbers and can’t be replaced, which makes such crashes even more painful. Here’s a list of top 11 ultra-expensive errors that destroyed beautiful automotive creations.

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Low enough to fit under a bus? Maybe not!
Tailgating a school bus can never end well, especially if you’re in a very fast sports car. The Corvette C7 ended up rear-ending the bus, crushing the front-end. The American sports car’s fiberglass body would not be too expensive to fix, but the previous-generation still had the engine in the front. What a bummer.

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200mph sword that took out a deer
Oh deer! Coming face-to-face with a wild animal on the road while driving can be very dangerous; especially when you’re in a supercar. Surprisingly, the damage to Lamborghini Aventador doesn’t look too bad and can be repaired.

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Who did it better?
Deer-car collisions happen more often than one might think. In this case, a McLaren 600LT became the victim of a deer strike. The accident left the supercar blind in one eye and a smashed windscreen. Again, the damage doesn’t look that bad.

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Horrifying visual for baby boomers
A trailer full of new 2020 Shelby GT500s tipped over in Detroit a few months back. As the most powerful and quickest factory Mustang ever, some of them were already destined to crash and burn, maybe. Why does the image remind of a scene from the movie Final Destination?

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Testing Porsche 911 GT3 RS’s legendary handling to the breaking point
This wrecked Porsche GT3 RS with one of its sides completely ripped off along with the front wheel looks like the automotive equivalent of Two-Face from Batman. Don’t blame it on Porsche’s rear-engine layout ruining the balance. Just don’t.

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Don’t worry, that will buff out
What can be more hilarious yet cringe-worthy than the sight of a yellow Lamborghini Aventador rear-ended by another yellow Lamborghini Aventador. Imagine the call to the insurance company!

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The classic supercar accident
If a supercar has to die, it might as well do it by getting wrapped to a pole or a tree. Some tribute to the great Ayrton Senna; while he was known for his godly car control and here we have a supercar built to celebrate his legacy that has some of the best electronic aids totaled because the driver lost control. We are sorry, Ayrton!

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007, is that you?
It shouldn’t be a surprise that the DB5 is considered as the most sought-after classic Aston Martin models thanks to the James Bond franchise. A well-maintained example with interesting history can easily fetch over a million dollars. This particular one with half of the frontend warped out of shape surely won’t hold its value. Maybe, a little James Bond story might help the cause.

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Blazing hot hypercar
This is why the world needs electric cars. A Porsche 918 owner in Canada decided to fill the tank of the hybrid hypercar to the brim, not realizing the exhaust ports are not too far from the filler cap. Kaboom! The million-dollar Porsche was toast in no time.

VideoGarage full of aquatic exotics
When you have a garage full of the rare supercars worth millions of dollars, you better make sure that it is flood-proof. Or you’ll be staring at a repair bill that can buy you a tony little island. The video is hard to look at, especially when you see cars like Ford GT40, Ferrari 488 Italia and Lamborghini Gallardo swimming in muddy flood water. One lucky exotic on the lift had a narrow escape, though!

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How to bankrupt an insurance company!
It’s a nightmarish situation when a rare Ferrari gets totaled in a car crash; imagine the scenario when not one but 14 exotic supercars get destroyed in the world’s most pile-up. It involved an assortment of Ferraris, a Lamborghini Diablo, a Nissan GT-R and a Mercedes-Benz CL 600. The combination of Rain-drenched motorways, a convoy of fire-breathing beats, and throttle-happy middle-aged people with little driving skills in never good.

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