Gulfstream G650 will soar with new luxurious jet interiors

What is the point of having a good business jet delivering on time if you don’t know the comfort it will offer inside? Gulfstream knows how to keep your expectations clean and meet deadlines in too. As they deliver their biggest-ever business jet as promised, the G650 in 2012, the ultra-modern 53-foot-long cabin is ready for us to explore. Touted to cost $64 million, the jet will spot interiors that help you avoid travel fatigue and help you work with ease on your business trips with 100 percent fresh air, even at altitudes of 4,850 feet. The jet will spot as many as 16 extra-large, 28-inch-wide windows with low sound levels. Both the galley and lavatory will be spaced out, and the jet will offer lots of storage space. The jets will also feature electronic seats with heated cushions and back massage.

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If it’s too huge for your tastes, Gulfstream also has a super-mid-size jet called the G250 in the offing as early as this year. Spotting a 26-foot-long cabin will be bigger and spaced out. It will also feature a fiber-optic system for high-definition video, coupled with intuitive touch-screen controls for media management. The G250 is priced at $24 million.

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