Starting at $280 this private jet company will fly you from NY to LA in utmost luxury

Large windows, comfortable reclining seats, and beautiful interior design may no longer be reserved for First and Business class fliers. ZED Aerospace is all set to launch AURA, America’s first Five Star flight experience, in 2019, promising the most comfortable air travel experience at a reasonable price that won’t break the bank.

According to a press release Aura aims to fill the gap between commercial flights and private jets, offering passengers “luxurious and affordable service between small private airports of large U.S. cities” like Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Denver.

Renderings of the Swiss-designed Bombardier CRJ-700 aircrafts reveal armchair style seats with plenty of elbow and leg room. The seats appear to recline almost all the way back.

Two classes of service will be available: First and Wave. First class will feature just 21 seats, while in Wave class, passengers will have the experience of flying by a private jet.
Amenities and features include high-speed WiFi, complimentary iPads, HD IMAX-style screens and virtual reality headsets. And did we mention the self-cleaning toilets?

You can pay to be an Aura member and secure plane fares at fixed rates. Non-members can book flights too, but they will certainly end up paying more.

“My vision for AURA is beautiful customer service paired with industry-leading design and technologies, never before seen on commercial aircraft,” said Zander Futernick, Founder of ZED Aerospace. “We are building AURA for you. I want to call each and every Founding KeyHolder for input on how we can make a better AURA. Americans will be proud to have AURA fly their skies. It will set the tone for modern air travel. Be our guest!”


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