Truck driver turned billionaire just sold his $195 million superyacht with two helipads to get an even bigger yacht. Longer than 4 semi trucks, the vessel has a glass elevator, a sauna, a cinema and an exquisite owner’s deck.

Via Charterworld / @Graeme Hart

A billionaire’s award-winning 292-feet superyacht named Here Comes the Sun has sold for a whopping $200 million after just four months on the market. The owner was superyacht collector Graeme Hart. The flagship Amels superyacht was first commissioned by Russian tycoon Alexander Dzhaparidze, with an evident fondness for The Beatles, hence the name. Hart bought the vessel in 2019 and had it undergo a full rebuild that was completed in 2021.

Via Charterworld / @Graeme Hart

The boat was extended by 20 feet and got a sparkling new paint job and a second helipad. Clearly, the wealthy yacht enthusiast knew what he was doing as Here Comes the Sun was sold by Fraser Yachts in record time. Let us take a closer look at what stalwarts like Amels, Andrew Winch, and Tim Heywood created together-

Via Charterworld / @Graeme Hart

$200 million motoryacht Here Comes the Sun is a lesson in understated elegance-
The winner of the Best Rebuilt Yacht at the World Superyacht Awards 2022 is a painting in nautical hues. The uniformity of the yacht’s themes is noticeable, as is the versatility of the decor while not deviating from the aesthetic. The main deck is comfortable and inviting, with several sun loungers and sofas, a swimming pool, and indoor and outdoor dining areas.

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Via Charterworld / @Graeme Hart

For the comfort of the billionaire owner, the sprawling primary bedroom includes a private lounge with a balcony, office, his-and-hers bathrooms, and a massive dressing room. The presence of 180-degree wraparound glass allows plenty of sunlight to enter, with unparalleled views in tow. The owner can unwind in his private salon with comfy sofas and eat in a private dining area with a bar and pool table.

The Al Fresco dining area.Via Charterworld / @Graeme Hart

The owner’s sun deck is an excellent spot for mingling with friends. They are made comfortable by adding lounges and a large dining table that seats ten. Here Comes the Sun Yacht accommodates 20 guests in 10 cabins tended to by a crew of 27. There is ample entertainment aboard the 292-foot boat, like an extensive beach club, a state-of-the-art wellness center with a sauna, plunge pool, massage room, beauty salon, and a movie theatre.

Via Charterworld / @Graeme Hart

The extended sun deck became the venue of a forward-facing whirlpool and a gym sporting soothing marine hues. The ship’s arsenal of toys and tenders boasts three large RIBs, a limousine, and a Nautique ski boat. The $200 million vessel is powered by two 3,000-horsepower Caterpillar diesels that lend the ship a top speed of 17.5 knots.

Graeme Hart is New Zealand’s richest man with a $9.2 billion net worth-
From dropping out of school at 15 to working as an auto body repairman and even a tow-truck driver, Hart’s no stranger to hard work. The son of a radiologist embarked on a money-making journey by first borrowing $ 500 from his father, followed by a $2000 bank loan. This turned him into a businessman with a truck-carrying business. Fifty years later, the 68-year-old owns Rank Group, a New Zealand-based private equity firm.

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The Lounge of ‘Here comes the sun’.Via Charterworld / @Graeme Hart

He built a packaging empire using leveraged buyouts and made everyday products like milk cartons, water bottles, paper, and aluminum foil. “Here’s the thing, so I didn’t have capital, obviously, I didn’t have a formal education, and I didn’t have experience, but as I reflect on my career, what I have was within my DNA, and this is just a blessing from mum and dad, I guess.”

He added, “I had an absolute passion for business. I had a very strong commercial acumen, and so for me business was just that’s what I love. I had a great work ethic, I had a strong burning desire to succeed, although I don’t think I recognized that in the early days.” The business magnate is also known to be a serial yacht owner. He owned Ulysses, the now-sold Here Comes the Sun, U-81, and Odyssey.

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