Here’s a look at Vespa’s SMEG Futro – an e-scooter concept that makes picnics on bike a reality

There’s nothing like lying down on soft grass on a sunny day and enjoying a little picnic with a loved one! Well, echoing on the same thoughts and presenting you with a fun new way of going about it is Vespa with the brand new SMEG Futro.

An e-scooter concept, the vehicle features a curved form that is inspired by Smeg’s own design styles and Vespa’s retro aesthetic. Its side panels open up to reveal a range of picnic items and tiny kitchen appliances, including tiffin boxes and thermoses, to a full-blown toaster and wine cooler!

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The recreational two-wheeler decks the comprehensive picnic kit in the side panels in place of the extra tyre. It also features platters for sandwiches and cheese charcuterie boards, cutlery to dig in, and several other storage options for carrying food and beverages.

As for the toaster and wine cooler, they run on Futro’s own detachable battery unit, which can be found under the seat. Aesthetically too, the scooter ticks all boxes. It features a ring-light on the front, with two indicators below it and the SMEG branding in between.

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It further boasts a glossy finish complete with chrome accents and leather trims, along with an updated touch-sensitive display on the dashboard. With it, riders can access the list of features, including a navigation dashboard and even a music player, while having the time of their life!

Conceptualized in a vast range of pastel colors, Vespa’s SMEG Futro (while a mere concept) personifies a laid-back afternoon at best. And while there is no word on its production, we’d certainly wish to experience the luxe picnic bike in the future! What about you?

[Via: Yanko Design]

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