Here’s why a simple oil change on a Bugatti Veyron costs a whooping $21,000

If you’ve won yourself several million dollars in a lottery, it won’t be a good decision to buy a hypercar. Why, you ask? Well, beyond the million-dollar price-tag of such machines it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain. Which means it will burn all the money you have faster than you could ever imagine. Just to give it some context, a Bugatti Veyron’s standard service bill runs upwards of $21,000, which is almost as much as an affordable mid-size sedan. But if you think it’s simply preposterous for a car manufacturer to charge so much for a simple oil change, here’s why it costs a bomb. Royalty Exotic Cars uploaded a video on its YouTube channel that shows its team perform an oil change along with fixing a hydraulic leak on a Veyron.

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Houston Crosta, who owns the company and its 37 exotic rental cars, along with his technicians begin by fixing the hydraulic leak coming from his Veyron’s rear spoiler. Just to access the leaky part a ton of body parts along with hundreds of bolts are required to be removed first. Once fixed, the Crosta and his technician Jesse get to changing the oil, which needs removing a whooping 16 drain plugs. Changing the oil filter on the other hand seems pretty straight forward. Have a look at the video yourself to see how complicated and time consuming a small task can be for a hypercar.

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