Legendary car designer Ian Callum collaborates with Prodrive to create one of the most beautiful racing simulators ever made

This drop-dead-gorgeous piece of sculptural art is what you get when one of the best automobile designers is tasked with designing a racing simulator. Described as the “most beautiful racing simulator in the world,” this professional-grade simulator by Prodrive has been created in collaboration with legendary British car designer Ian Callum and his design studio Callum. Over the last several years, we’ve come across many stunning gaming rigs and racing simulators but this one’s a thing of beauty! Unlike the usual racing sims that feature chunky, unattractive designs, the Prodrive rig designed by Callum is ultra-sleek and looks beautiful. It’s made of a hollow structure that’s made of 16-layers of birch wood and is finished in gloss black. Inside the 3.5-meter canopy is a sculpted carbon monocoque cockpit that appears to be suspended from the top.

The carbon fiber cockpit is equipped with a Cobra Nogaro Street seat to offer utmost comfort during long virtual racing sessions. And let me tell you that the Prodrive sim is not all show and no go; it’s packed with the best hardware to support the most demanding sim racing games. It features a curved 49-inch AOC dual QHD monitor that supports up to 5K resolution with a 165Hz refresh rate, along with a custom mechanical pedal box and a Precision SIM LM Pro steering wheel with rotary dials and 12 programmable push buttons. Furthermore, it is powered by a customized PC with an Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card. The racing sim doesn’t come with in-built speakers and is offered with a set of high-quality Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Bluetooth headphones. In case you want one, get ready to shell out $46,665, which includes delivery and assembly of the simulator.

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