Icon A5 amphibious sport plane: Jet ski of the skies

When many creative folks get together to work on a project, you can definitely expect the extraordinary. That is exactly what happened between the collaboration of DEO, Art Center, Nissan Design America, Troy Lee Designs, Scaled Composites, and L.A.-based Icon Aircraft. The collaboration led to the creation of the unique Icon A5 amphibious sport plane. The unique 22-foot-long craft makes wide use of carbon-fiber-reinforced epoxy composites, resulting in a lightweight but strong frame. The wings fold inwards, reducing the 34-foot wingspan to a mere 8.5 feet so that the A5 can fit on the back of a trailer with ease. Aptly named, this amphibious plane recently even won an IDEA Award.

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What is more, it is commonly referred to as the “Jet ski of the skies” by its parent company. An amazing vehicle, it is all set to go into production with plans to hit the markets by early next year and a price tag of $139,000.

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