Bora Bora is so 2019 – Elevate your nuptials with ‘Wedding in the Sky’ experience that lets you get married on a private plane at 30,000 feet

If you haven’t learned to see the glass as half full this year, then 2021 will continue to be tough for you. People are blaming Cvid-19 for a lot of terrible things other than the pandemic itself. Travel plans, weddings, every single important event remain canceled as the pandemic refuses to take a lifelong break. But if it wasn’t for the pandemic how would couples get the million-dollar chance to get married in the seventh heaven? A private jet company is offering $28,000 ‘weddings in the sky’ as charter firms try to offset the loss of business travel but can give couples a heavenly wedding in the clouds. Air Charter Service takes to-be newlyweds on a flight for two hours in aircraft ranging from a heavy jet( the Challenger 850, which seats up to 16 people) to a six-seat light jet. Standard amenities in each package include a chauffeured car to and from the departure airport of the couple’s choosing, an onboard floral arrangement, and a selection of champagne, canapés, and personalized wedding favors, among others. Cutely, they have added a personal touch by including one of their own flight crew members to act as an unofficial officiant during the flight. Weddings in the Sky experience include all food and beverages and can be tailor-made for every couple’s needs.

If you are not looking for a party in the clouds then there is a more intimate offering on the cards too- the ‘Just the Two of Us’ elopement experience, which begins at $18,000. You can also work out a bespoke package that will allow you to pick and choose a photographer, a wedding car of choice, a calligrapher to design the wedding programs, menus, place settings, and more.

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