In its latest round, the US has sanctioned Evgeniy Kochman and his company Imperial Yachts which manages and charters yachts worth billions of dollars to the Russian elites.

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U.S. authorities were focused on oligarchs hiding behind a web of shell companies and their massive floating assets worth millions. The attention is now diverted to the intermediaries who oversee the flow of billions of dollars from Russians to companies involved in superyachts and villas. Imperial Yachts is one such company that stands at the epicenter of this superrich supermarket. According to N.Y. Times, the U.S. government dropped sanctions against Imperial Yachts and its Russian CEO Evgeniy Kochman. The company is described as part of a corrupt system that caters to Russian oligarchs. Imperial Yachts does everything from fulfilling oligarchs’ wishes to owning colossal luxury ships to taking care of day-to-day upkeep.

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In April 2022, Monaco-based Imperial Yachts terminated its Russian website. The company is connected to superyachts linked to high-profile Russians like Igor Sechin and Dmitry Kamenshchik, who owns the 446-foot vessel, Flying Fox. A spokesperson from Imperial Yachts stated, “Activities that we might normally undertake, such as planning the trips that owners and others using the yachts would wish to make, are on hold for those yachts.”

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Imperial Yachts has published a statement on their social media accounts stating allegations made by the U.S. Government in the press are false. They aim to rely on available legal remedies to solve the matter.

The Flying Fox. Via – Facebook / Imperial Monaco

Larger-than-life superyachts, loved by billionaires, made available by Imperial Yachts:
Imperial Yachts is a name that crops up in connection with several top-notch luxury vessels. The company manages the 446-feet ship Flying Fox for unsanctioned Russian billionaire Dmitry Kamenshchik, chairman of Moscow Domodedovo Airport. It is the world’s largest yacht available for charter for an astronomical $4 million a week.

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Another yacht managed by Imperial Yachts is the 252-feet ice-breaking vessel La Datcha, belonging to sanctioned oligarch Oleg Tinkov which costs $850,000 per week to rent. 300-feet superyacht Lana comes under the guardianship of Imperial Yachts, who charge a cool $2 million a week for the vessel that boasts a movie room, hammam style spa, beach club, and a helipad.

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About CEO Evgeniy Kochman:
Evgeniy Kochman is the founder of Imperial Yachts. Imperial Yachts is a Monaco-based company with a staff of about 100, not including the 1,200 to 1,500 crew members aboard yachts catering to moneyed billionaires and their VIP guests. He also owns BLD Management which offers the same services for villas. As per N.Y. Times, 20-year-old Kochman got his start in the yacht business in Russia in 2001. With Russians amassing their wealth, even Kochman flourished and soon moved to Monaco. In 2014, Imperial Yachts oversaw the $325 million superyacht Amadea, which is now mired in a tug-of-war between Suleiman Kerimov and the U.S. authorities. Kochman manages Imperial Yachts with his sister, Julia Stewart. In a rare interview, he once said, “With a family business, you’re putting your name on the line, and responsibilities are all yours, together. I’m the CEO, and Julia is the Director and is responsible for the legal part of the company. Julia is the tough one.” It looks like the siblings have to toughen up for what lies ahead.

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