Inside Japan’s new high-speed train that is dubbed as a living room on wheels

Back in 2016, famed Japanese architect kazuyo sejima was asked to design a uber-luxurious train that would be unlike anything that the world has seen before. And in taking on the task seriously, the designer has now unveiled the first look to the awe-inspiring wagon for Seibu Railways, which is also rightly dubbed as a ‘living room on wheels’.

Titled ‘laview’, a project name stands for the train’s luxurious living, it arrow-like speed, and generous views. It(the train) features a rounded front with a windshield made of three-dimensional glass and curvature radius of 1,500 mm along with windows measuring 1,350 mm x 1,580 mm (approx. 4.5 x 5 feet).

Its reflective exterior is finished with a specially-created aluminum paint while its interior is crafted to provide a relaxing feeling to each passenger, much like that of being in a cozy living room back home.

On the inside, one can spot yellow sofa-like seats that are shaped to wrap around the body and come with an adjustable headrest and armrest for extra comfort. The interior’s further showcases large windows and white walls that further complete its impeccable aesthetic.

Amenities on-board the exclusive Japanese train include a spacious multi-functional restroom with baby changing facilities and a women-only restroom equipped with a full-length mirror. There’s also a separate powder room with dressing and magnifying mirrors, a hand dryer, and electrical outlets.

Additionally, the train also boasts free wi-fi within each car compartment that also features large 23-inch onboard video screens displaying information in four languages — Japanese, English, Korean, and Mandarin.

Well, luxury on train certainly can’t get better than this!

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