Inside the Spacruzzi – An electric hot tub boat with a built-in fireplace that can clean itself!

Jacuzzis are just plain okay – said no one ever! However, compelling us to do so are the makers of the Spacruzzi – a hot tub boat that provides us the same features of the former with a spin! Yes, you heard us right! The exclusive invention allows users to enjoy spa time while powering through the waters. It is powered by a quiet, quick-change battery that gives you four to five hours out on the water on one charge. The hot boat further comes with a fleet of amenities that make it a compelling buy.

These include the built-in waterproof drink cooler deckside, and the USCG-approved and propane-powered fireplace stove that doubles as a furnace. Further, it comes with its own internal heating and circulation system and a UV and saltwater filtration system. The brainchild of entrepreneur Alex Kanwetz, the Spacruzzi is built to perfection and can also be customized. One can choose the deck material and color, as well as the color of the inside of the tub while opting for extras such as shade towers, floating drinks caddies, or underwater lights.

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Commenting on it, Kanwetz said, “Since we launched, we’ve seen an immediate growth in both our rental and direct-to-consumer sales, and this is continuing to grow. As you begin to see more rental operations popping up, we expect the awareness of the product to grow on the national level as more people see that this isn’t just a novelty item, but an experience that can’t be matched on the water.” The starting price for the Spacruzzi is $48,900 and it is currently available for purchase on their website.

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