An invisible superyacht so celebrities and oligarchs can travel in utmost secrecy – This 270 feet long 3D printed concept will be made from mirrored glass that will reflect the sky and sea making the vessel literally disappear.

A superyacht shrouded in secrecy? Ask the billionaires, and for once in their life, they won’t mind lining up to get their hands on it. A concept by designer Jozeph Foakis, Pegasus, a 290 feet luxury vessel, sails down an off-beat path. The zero-emission design is virtually invisible owing to the metallic finish of the hull, cleverly combined with mirrored glass on the superstructure. Instead of gaining prominence on the high seas, the mirror reflects the sky and its natural surroundings and blends almost seamlessly. It is discretion at its best, so much so that even solar panels that capture solar power to generate electricity in the superstructure are transparent.

The energy is used to power electrolyzers extracting hydrogen from seawater. The hydrogen is further converted to electricity stored in Li-ion batteries for powering azimuth pods. Fokais said: ‘I was inspired to create a yacht as close to the sea and nature as possible, made of clouds floating above the waterline. I wanted to honor nature by blending into it, becoming virtually invisible. Now is the time for courageous leaps toward our collective sustainable future.’

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He added, ‘Pegasus is a bold but achievable vision for the near future of the superyacht industry, where man and machine live in harmony with nature rather than competing or compromising it.’ The mesh framework for the entire superyacht would be created using a robotic 3D printing machine.

The boat will boast a multi-level ‘Tree of Life’ hydroponic garden providing fresh food and air purification. Pegasus will be iconic in more ways than one, putting eco-conscious yacht building on the map hopefully by 2030. Its self-sufficient eco-system combined with covertness and luxury.

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The four levels of the luxury vessel will be connected by a sculptural spiral staircase, as is with most opulent ships. In addition to a sprawling owner suite with a private deck, large windows, and ample natural light, the remaining accommodation will include another six cabins on the main deck, comprising two VIP suites and four doubles.

The pleasure craft will offer typical amenities like a beach club, Jacuzzi, a massive owner’s private deck, and sprawling balconies. Pegasus is geared to become an irresistible asset to billionaires who care to sail without a care in the world.

(All images by Joseph Forakis)

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