Is this the sexiest armored car ever built?

German high-end armored vehicle manufacturer Trasco Bremen has created the world’s first armored Aston Martin DB11. Listed on online luxury marketplace JamesEdition, the armored version of the high-performance grand tourer by Aston has been upgraded to incorporate the new Trasco Q Line as an A-KIP (anti-kidnapping) concept. The A-KIP concept has been designed to protect the car’s occupants using only certified ballistic materials such as ballistic steel combined with composite materials which are fitted inside the doors and Level 4 Certified Ballistic Glass all-round. Trasco takes anywhere from four to six months to make the armored cars.

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All the armoring material added to the DB11 is extremely light and measures only 150 Kgs (330 lbs) – the gross vehicle weight remains unchanged. This greatly helps preserving the DB11’s high performance, driving dynamics and ride comfort. The A-KIP concept’s armoring technique has been developed in a way that it remains unnoticeable and doesn’t ruin the car’s beautiful lines and design. The armored Aston Martin DB11 is powered by the 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12 that produces 600 hp. It wears a shiny black paintjob on the outside, while the cabin has been decked out in contrasting brown. The price of the world’s only armored DB11 is available only upon request.

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