A bit too much, even for ‘Logan Roy’! A Florida businessman docked his 209 feet long superyacht at a picturesque Irish town to buy a pint of beer – The pet-friendly $85 million vessel has a dog yard, a winter garden, a library, and a massive LCD paneled ceiling.

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The heart wants what it wants, so docking the $85 million Scout in Kinsale for a pint of beer wasn’t a big deal for millionaire tycoon James Berwind. Kinsale is a town on the southern coast of Ireland and houses The Dock Bar, a place well-known for delicious beer and great coffee. Berwind and his partner Kevin Clark perhaps wanted to quench their thirst while making the most of this location with the castle park marina on one side and the beach on the other. Exploring the world on a gigantic semi-permanent home, the 209-ft Scout can get tiring.

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Motoryacht Scout was anchored outside the famous pub, becoming the cynosure of attention at the Castlepark Marina, dwarfing the other yachts parked nearby. She was the first superyacht of the summer to visit Cork Harbor. The 2019 vessel arrived at the port of Dublin, Ireland, on Jun 3 and is still moored in Kinsale per Vesselfinder. Let’s get acquainted with the elegant explorer yacht and its philanthropic owner-

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Scout superyacht, woofing its way to wow!
James Berwind’s love for yachts and dogs is known. For those who aren’t aware, the heir of Berwind Corporation named his long-range ice-classed boat after his pet pooch. UK-based H2 Yacht Design was commissioned for exterior and interior design, and Scout was built at Hakvoort Shipyard in the Netherlands, their biggest built to date. Like most great ideas, the inception of the Scout yacht happened on a napkin. “We started with a sketch on a napkin before interviewing any designers,” shared Berwind and Clark. “Our wish list was to have a capable, comfortable explorer to travel the world, and we got a long-range ice-classed yacht with ample crew and guest areas, advanced systems for fuel efficiency, telecommunications, and responsible waste management.”

The main saloon. Image – Boat International.

The yacht enthusiast (his father, Charles Graham Berwind, owned the yacht, Laurel) and his partner were involved in every build stage, resulting in an incredibly personal vessel. “During the build, we were involved 110% in every aspect of the project,” they stated. Scout was heavily inspired by the iconic 1950s movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The Dutch-built superyacht perfectly balances maritime aesthetics and the owner’s vision. “Scout’s design was influenced by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, the interiors of Jules Verne’s Nautilus submarine, every James Bond villain’s lair, with a touch of Looney Tunes,” said the owners.

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The observation lounge. Image – Boat International.

They added, “Everything about the interior focuses on the outside views with abundant windows and sliding glass walls.” The grey hull and white superstructure with playful pops of yellow make Scout recognizable from a distance. The exuberance extends to her interiors, where eight guests revel and relax in four classy nautical-inspired cabins. The main deck is where the mingling occurs in the main saloon boasting an LCD ceiling that mirrors the exterior. Adjacent is a large winter garden with frameless glass panels that provide shelter when needed and retract when not in use.

The master suite. Image – Boat International.

This area can be called Scout’s social nucleus, with a decorative cocktail bar and a dining table for 14. A little ahead is a cozy C-shaped fire pit for when the conversations get intense. The owner’s suite is a haven afforded by the affluent with an observation lounge, a private bar, and a full-beam bedroom suite with two large bathrooms and walk-in closets. Among other noteworthy amenities of the pleasure craft is a library studded with nautical-themed artifacts and a greenhouse.

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As the name suggests, this space on the main deck is dedicated to the multi-faceted owners’ passion for gardening and includes a potting shed, sink, and gardening equipment. The sundeck is a leisurely, open stretch, including an inviting Jacuzzi and sweeping views across the ocean. It is an uncluttered and straightforward space for the owners, guests, and dogs to enjoy.

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Scout includes a helipad on the foredeck, two 26-ft tenders, and an arsenal of toys and water equipment. With nearly 7 out of 12 months spent aboard Scout, the owners have successfully made a serene, semi-permanent home away from home. “We plan to use Scout as our primary home for the next several years and hope to travel extensively wherever, whenever, with safety as a primary concern,” said Berwind and Clark.

An astounding love for canines-
Here is a duo that truly setting an example with more than just talk. Keeping the owner’s love for their dogs in mind, the main suite leads to ‘Puppy Park,’ a garden area for their two dogs, Scout and Brio. “The dogs have their own ‘yard,’ all materials on board are pet-friendly, and all access points, such as the gates, scuppers and door sensors, are ‘puppy proofed,'” commented Berwind and Clark. “As animal rights activists, we used no animal-based materials — no fur, no hide, no bone, etc. — on board.”

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Who is James Berwind?
The Berwind name is mainly associated with the Berwind Corporation, founded in 1886, leading the coal mine industry. However, James Berwind is a name that crops in various fields like business, yachting, and philanthropy. The animal-lover operates at the confluence of animal welfare, business, and social impact at the multinational, multi-sector Berwind Group of Companies. Berwind and his siblings endeavor to improve the world by establishing Spring Point Partners, a social impact organization that invests in transformative leaders, networks, and solutions that foster community change.

The Dock bar. Image – Tripadvisor.

The businessman with $500 million worth aims to extend his family’s entrepreneurial legacy to center equity and achieve justice. The director of the organization is passionate about animals. This fondness is not limited to having pets but also saving several from harm and exploitation.

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