Japanese bullet train Hayabusa speeds up with luxury business class carriage

An important business meeting at Tokyo, Sendai or Aomori, don’t want to fly but want the same speed and luxury in a hassle free set up, you need to ride the Hayabusa. No its not a bike, but Japan’s new luxury bullet train that literally flies 186mph and features a business class carriage based on air style comfort. The ultra-fast train and very punctual ‘Hayabusa’ or Falcoln will take two trips during the day between Tokyo and Aomori, located at the northern tip of the Honshu island and a day trip to Sendai which falls between the two destinations.

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Talks of the speed hitting 200mph next year will make these bullet trains Japan’s fastest. If you are game for £200 on a one-way trip, you get to travel in a ‘GranClass’ car with deep recliner leather seats that offers a cabin attendant at your disposal for serving drinks and food.