The $600,000 Lamborghini Revuelto PHEV hypercar will come with a 750W, audiophile-level audio system handcrafted by the Italian brand Sonus faber.

Developed to replace the V12-powered Lamborghini Aventador, the PHEV Lamborghini Revueltov offers up to 1,001 horsepower making it the most powerful Lamborghini, ever. It also makes the Revuelto the most powerful plug-in hybrid hypercar at the moment. Now, Lamborghini and Sonus faber, maker of handcrafted Italian audio equipment, have joined hands to offer an audiophile-level in-car audio system for the Raging Bull for the first time. Sonus faber audio systems are also found in other high-end Italian supercars, like the Maserati MC20 and Pagani Huayra, for example.

As impressive as the Revuelto’s technical specifications are, the specs on the Sonus faber audio system would raise the eyebrows of the audiophiles out there. The Lamborghini-Sonus faber system packs seven speakers for a total system output of 750W, more than enough for the hypercar’s cosy cabin.

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Powering the Sonus faber system is a Class D amplifier that promises less heat generation, less power consumption and a smoother sound. With an eye for detail, the Sonus faber audio system is housed in a newly developed natural-fiber based composite that some manufacturers are looking at as the next carbon-fiber. To round things up, Sonus faber engineers will hand tune the audio for different genres of music in the Revuelto.

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Via Facebook / @Lamborghini India

Lamborghini and Sonus faber are offering the powerful audio system as an optional extra for the $600,000 Revuelto currently. While pricing hasn’t been released yet, a floor standing Sonus faber setup can cost up to $750,000!

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