So massive it would dwarf Jeff Bezos’ Koru yacht, this wild gigayacht concept is apt for a trillionaire. Designed to look like a hammerhead shark, it has five swimming pools, a helipad to accommodate three helicopters and golf buggies to move inside.

Italian design studio Lazzarini Design is well-known for its bonkers but creative and futuristic approach to automotive and marine design. Founded by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the studio has gained attention for conceptualizing and designing innovative vehicles and watercraft that do not conform to mundane styling practices. The newest concept to be introduced by Lazzarini Design is just as wild, if not more, than the previous design studies we’ve seen from the studio over the years. In fact, the concept is so over-the-top that even Lazzarini Design had to name it Outrageous, which is quite an appropriate name for a conceptual gigayacht that breaks all norms.

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According to the Italian design studio, the outrageous gigayacht concept was inspired by a hammerhead shark, which is quite evident from the silhouette of the vessel. The gigayacht, which measures a jaw-dropping 1,056-foot in length, features a streamlined, aerodynamic shape. The forward area with a large top deck that protrudes over the bow is designed to look like the head of the hammerhead shark.

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There’s also a bank of windows on both sides that extend the full length of the vessel, which are designed to look like a shark’s triangular, serrated teeth. Furthermore, a secondary layer of glass is shaped like the gills of a shark.

The landing deck.

The massive gigayacht features shiny silver paint on the outside that accentuates the streamlined shape of the vessel, while black and orange stripes add contrast. There’s no information on the propulsion unit powering the vessel. However, the amenities on offer include a private tender port at the stern, solar panels, a helipad large enough to accomodate three helicopters, and a total of five pools, which includes one with a large patio area and another one located on the main deck side balcony.

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That’s all we know about the crazy gigayacht concept by Lazzarini Design. We can’t wait for the studio to reveal more information. Till then, you can have a look at beautiful design renderings of the Outrageous.

[All images by Lazzarini Design]

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