Millionaires, why buy a limited edition hypercar when you can get your very own luxury eVTOL Jet for $10 million?

If you always wanted to get yourself an eco-friendly aircraft that doesn’t need a runway to take off and land, there’s good news! All you need is $10 million, which will buy you a sleek electric-powered airship in the US. German aviation startup Lilium is making its official debut in the American market. It has partnered with Houston-based EMCJET, a full-service aircraft brokerage and management firm, to sell the Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet to private customers in the US. Lilium describes itself as the manufacturer of the world’s first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The Pioneer Edition was first announced at the end of last year as a luxurious zero-emission aircraft intended for private use and seating for up to 7 people. The Munich-based company also unveiled the aircraft’s cabin design back in August which boasts exclusive fabrics and multiple customization options. Only 50 examples of the Pioneer Edition will be built, with 5 units earmarked for sale in the US.

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“This partnership with Lilium will allow us to serve our well-established network of aviation enthusiasts with the latest technological advancements and continue to provide exceptional service and results that our clients deserve and depend on,” said Memo Montemayor, founder and CEO of EMCJET. The initial focus will be on the Texas market, covering Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. Once the initial 5 build slots are snapped up by wealthy buyers, EMCJET will start selling the eVTOL jet across the US. EMCJET will be the Lilium exclusive dealer for private sales in the US until 2030. The American company is Lilium’s fourth global dealer for the Pioneer Edition, with similar partnerships already established for the UK and several other European countries.

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What makes Lilium Jet different from most eVTOL designs that have been showcased till now is its proprietary propulsion technology. The German zero-emission aircraft features a power lift configuration based on DEVT (Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust) technology. The craft uses a series of small ducted fans for both vertical and horizontal propulsion, helping it offer exceptional performance, reduced noise levels, and a higher payload than other eVTOLs.

The Lilium Jet also gets a specifically designed high-density battery pack produced by Customcells at its facility in Tubingen, Germany. The deliveries in the US will begin once Lilium receives FAA-type certification, which is expected to be obtained by late 2025 or early 2026.

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