A Russian billionaire who never even set foot on his stunning 354-foot-long superyacht is now selling it at a $146 million discount. A floating glass palace, the Luminosity boasts 800 square meters of windows, the largest battery pack on a yacht, and a tender that can carry a Rolls Royce Phantom.

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Italian shipbuilding company Benetti’s ill-fated superyacht Luminosity has been listed for sale on Bluewater yachting for €135 million (about $146 million), which is exactly half its original price of $292 million. The floating palace was abandoned in Montenegro two years ago after being linked to sanctioned Russian billionaire Andrey Guryev; although, the fertilizer king has denied any association with the vessel. Guryev is also claimed to be the owner of the $120 million superyacht Alfa Nero, which has become a headache for the government of Antigua.

The Alfa Nero seized by Antigua is caught in a legal quagmire with the Caribbean nation unable to sell it.

Abandoned in the Caribbean nation since 2022, the Antiguan authorities have made two failed attempts to sell the vessel. While the small island nation continues to fool a massive bill of $100,000 each month in the superyacht’s upkeep, the Prime Minister of Antigua has now found himself at the center of a corruption scandal while trying to find a new buyer. It will be interesting to see if Luminosity shares a similar fate despite the deep discount on it.

The yacht is aptly named Luminosity. Via Charterworld

What works for the Benetti pleasure craft is that it is practically a brand-new superyacht. Reportedly, Luminosity was originally commissioned by a Kuwaiti billionaire named Kutayba Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim. However, he refused to take delivery of the vessel from the Italian shipbuilding company as it was delayed by two years. Apparently, the contract enabled Alghanim to get a full refund if the superyacht’s delivery was delayed by a certain amount of time.

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The stairwell is lined up by 12 LED panels. Via Charterworld

Luminosity was eventually put up for sale after being completed and purchased by Guryev in 2022, who paid around $190 million, per Esysman Superyacht. Out of sheer bad luck, the superyacht was delivered to the Russian billionaire in Montenegro only a week before he was included in the sanctions list. Ever since, Luminosity has remained abandoned in the European nation.

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Over the last two years, a skeleton crew was tasked with the vessel’s upkeep on and off. However, the unpaid bills made it increasingly difficult to maintain the superyacht. According to Esysman Superyacht, the entire crew walked off at one point in time because they were not getting paid.

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Litigations have also been filed by the crew at Nautilus International, a UK-based maritime union. It’s a shame that this beautiful superyacht has fallen into complete neglect. The 107.6-meter vessel was created with a no-compromise approach. Called the “glass palace” by the Tuscan yard, Luminosity was designed from the inside out with the aim of creating spacious, light-flooded interiors.

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The chandelier on the swimming pool is inspired by a diamond. Via Charterworld

Luminosity is not only Benetti’s 2nd largest superyacht but also one of the first vessels to feature a hybrid propulsion system. Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture was responsible for the vessel’s hybrid propulsion and its glass architecture. Luminosity boasts 800 square meters of windows, which offer an unparalleled view of the outside. Other standout features include a touch-and-go helipad and a fully certified helideck.

Luminosity in Monaco. Via Charterworld

The superyacht is equipped with two 3.5-meter satellite dishes to ensure a signal anywhere in the world, while there are 500 kilometers of cable for the electricals. The lower deck houses a 250-square-meter beach club, a sauna, a Turkish bath, and a well-equipped gym. The pool area gets a stunning chandelier inspired by a diamond. The vessel can accommodate up to 27 guests and requires a crew of 37 members, including the captain. It’s a steal at $146 million.

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