Walmart heiress Nancy Walton’s superyacht, Kaos, is one of the most beautifully lit yachts in the world. This mammoth $350 million vessel utilizes 6,561 feet of LED strips for its mesmerizing exterior lighting.

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The stunning Kaos, owned by Walmart heiress Nancy Walton, was initially commissioned by a Qatari royal in 2008. Originally named Al Menwar and later Jubilee, it underwent a major overhaul. Weighing 4,523 tons, it became the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands at its 2017 launch. The $300 million Oceanco marvel, extending over a football field’s length, is an island unto itself. Measuring 361 feet, it provided a vast canvas for its designers, who adorned the vessel with a unique fusion of curved lines and glass panels, epitomizing a sophisticated and modern aesthetic.

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However, it’s the yacht’s lighting that truly sets it apart. While many might credit the hull shape or lavish amenities, the true beauty of Kaos lies in the details. This luxury vessel, accommodating the owners, 31 guests, six staff, and 39 crew members, is one of the most well-lit superyachts sailing the oceans. Designer Igor Lobanov faced significant challenges in illuminating both the exterior and interior. Every nook and corner aboard Kaos is illuminated. Overheads were lit from the cornices, while soles received lighting from the plinths.

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The master suite of the Kaos.

Piet Albas, Oceanco’s project manager, added, “We integrated nearly 6,561 feet of LED strip lighting in the exterior, wrapping the perimeter of the superstructure across five locations per deck. All recessed into the construction, these lights highlight the faux decks at night, obviating the need for additional deck lighting and serving as emergency lighting.”

Gracefully integrated into the upper deck, the folding bulwarks, designed for deploying liferafts and rescue boats, are also thoughtfully illuminated by slender LED strip lighting, which casts a soft glow, outlining their contours. The inclusion of glass paneling adds a touch of sophistication, allowing light to dance across their surfaces and creating a serene and refined ambiance. The ornate pleasure craft boasts a stunning beach club with an aquarium on the lower level, along with a wellness area, gym, and hammam.

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The opulent main deck features a sprawling living room with sun loungers and a pool outside. Windows in the pool add more light, and a waterfall creates a boundary between the pool and the dining area. Powered by two MTU diesel engines, Kaos can reach a top speed of 18.5 knots. It costs her affluent billionaire owner, who is worth $8.9 billion, nearly $30 million in upkeep.

Nancy Walton Laurie.

Currently, the yacht is docked in the port of St Maarten, Netherlands. This pleasure craft arrived at safer shores in the United States just ten days ago, following a tumultuous encounter with eco-activists in Barcelona.

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