Walmart billionaire heiress Nancy Walton’s $300 million superyacht was vandalized by eco-activists for the second time. After being repaired in a shipyard due to an attack by climate activists, the 361-foot-long vessel was again targeted and defaced with bright red color.

What is it about the Kaos superyacht that attracts wreckage? Walmart heiress Nancy Walton’s $300 million luxury vessel has been attacked for the second time (the first time was on 17th July 2023) by eco-activists called Futuro Vegetal. The 360-foot-long boat was docked in the port of Barcelona when climate activists defaced Kaos yet again on 8th September 2023 in red paint, with a startling sign that read ‘Billionaires should not exist.’ Two members created ample chaos around Kaos motoryacht by breaching marina security and spraying the newly refitted Oceanco ship with more unwanted biodegradable paintwork.

The protestors told the Spanish publication El Salto that they wanted to deliver a message that was ‘loud and clear’ reminding billionaires of their responsibility towards the climate crisis. “This year, we have experienced the highest temperatures in the history of humanity, and instead of reducing emissions, we continue to emit billions of tons of CO2,” stated the activists. “We must decrease and reduce emissions drastically, and we are not going to ask it of the people who have the least. We have to take away the social license of that 1% of the population to pollute whatever they want simply because they have money and power.”

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Kaos has a gross tonnage of 4,440 tons.

It looks like the Futuro Vegetal group has found a target in the 360 footer that, in actuality, doesn’t even feature in the top 20 yachts worldwide. The billionairess’s (Walton is worth $9.3 billion) boat ranks below 40 and is still attracting the attention of climate activists who are persistent in making Kaos their canvas of propaganda.

Scientist Rebellion shared a post stating the findings of an Oxfam report that a billionaire emits 1 million times more when including emissions from their investments, & 1000 times more just from their lifestyle emissions.

The pool deck of Kaos.Via Youtube / @Emman’s Vlog FR

They also stated the 300 largest mega-yachts in operation (Kaos ranks at number 43 in the world) emit 285,000 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the emissions of an entire country. Whether it is the Walmart connection they are banking on or wanting the same attention their previous attack in Ibiza got them, it is something known to only the protesters. Until the four-decker cruises in Futuro Vegetal’s home ground, Spain, Nancy Walton should be extra vigilant as a Vegetal activist might be around the next corner.

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Kaos vandalized by spray paint in Ibiza.

Kaos was previously vandalized in Ibiza-
On 17th July, Futuro Vegetal accomplished its mission of garnering world attention towards its cause by hurling fire extinguishers on the $300 million ship in Ibiza. Compared to other vessels owned by Russian oligarchs and notorious personalities, Kaos was inoffensively minding its business on a Sunday morning. Irate climate activists turned the splendid former royal yacht into an angry painting in red and black paint. What followed half a month in repairs at one of Europe’s largest shipyards only to be defaced again and similarly.

The main deck of Kaos.

The 360-foot Oceanco mammoth was aimlessly cruising in the Mediterranean to avoid protestors and risks. She finally docked in La Coitat, France, on 31st July 2023. Less than a month later, on 8th September, the shiny ship of the Walmart heiress may need to return to La Coitat. The activists were detained by police at the marina for three hours before being released, according to a spokesperson for Scientist Rebellion.

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