After being vandalized twice by eco-activists, Walmart heiress Nancy Walton did not want to take any chances and had her $300 million Kaos superyacht sail 5,000 miles to the safer waters of the United States. The 4523-ton vessel was first commissioned by the emir of Qatar.

Kaos superyacht in Miami. Via Youtube / @Alejandro Jose Farias

The chaotic days of the superyacht Kaos seem to be over. This $300 million luxury vessel, owned by Walmart heiress Nancy Walton, was recently spotted in a private marina in the Bahamas. After leaving behind the Mediterranean and the myriad troubles that accompanied it there, this 360-foot Oceanco giant has returned to normalcy and safer waters. Notably, the ship was vandalized twice by eco-activists from Futuro Vegetal during its European journey. Kaos first suffered defacement by climate activists on July 17, 2023, in Barcelona, where they hurled black and red paint all over the billionaire’s yacht. Following this incident, it sailed to La Ciotat, a town on France’s Mediterranean coast, for repairs.

Kaos was spray painted by eco-activists in Spain.

Unfortunately, the yacht faced another attack on September 8, 2023, when eco-activists targeted it again with biodegradable red paint and a startling banner reading ‘Billionaires should not exist.’ After repairs in the excellent facilities of La Ciotat, France, Kaos embarked on a 5,000-mile journey to the United States and as per publicly available AIS data it is currently docked at Nassau, Bahamas.

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The outdoor pool of Kaos. Image – Boat International

Originally named Jubilee, the 4,523 GT yacht was commissioned in 2008 by the then-Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani. Designed to accommodate royalty, it boasts an opulent main suite resembling a palatial sanctuary.

The dining area. Image – Boat International

The bridge and main deck feature 15 suites, accommodating up to 30 guests. The lavish yacht showcases extensive marble and stone work, arguably the most seen on an Oceanco yacht. It features Iranian white onyx on the owner’s level and Golden Spider stone in several areas.

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Image – Boat International.

The main saloon, spanning 135 square meters, includes a large television, a throne-like lounge chair, and overlooks a massive dining table and an outdoor swimming pool. There’s an elegant superyacht spa pool that offers views of the long foredeck. “The windbreak here works well, even when underway,” reports the captain. This four-decker yacht includes faux decks, a helipad, a full aquarium, cinema, and spa facilities.

The master bedroom. Source – Boat International.

Among its attractions is ‘The London bar,’ complete with smoke machines, a DJ booth, and a water wall chandelier. This extravagant motor yacht is a spectacle, not just for the owner but also for yacht enthusiasts, particularly now that it’s no longer serving as a canvas for climate activists.

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