Zaha Hadid designs an ultra futuristic luxury superyatch with an interior pool

Whenever the famous British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid gets her hands on a project, we are guaranteed a design marked with distinct uniqueness and futuristic appeal. The last time Zaha Hadid undertook a maritime project, we got the immensely attractive Z-boat that was nothing short of a spaceship-like motorboat better suited to be the centerpiece of an art gallery. This time, the Pritzker prize-winning architect is back in collaboration with Germany’s innovative shipbuilders Blohm + Voss.

Blohm + Voss made the announcement yesterday at a private viewing in Mayfair’s David Gill Gallery, where the design concept of the Unique Circle Yachts was launched alongside the exhibition of Zaha Hadid’s latest works. The concept is based on the sculptural form of a master prototype conceived for a 128m yacht. The collaboration between the two giants will come up with a family of five individual 90m yachts, as a part of Unique Circle Yachts, which creatively explore the design philosophies of the master prototype within the technical requirements of a fully engineered yacht design.

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The most striking design feature of the Yachts is the exoskeleton structure of the upper section. It lends a natural aesthetic to the yacht’s external appearance partly influenced by organic structural systems found in nature. The 90m project Jazz will be the first yacht of the five to be built and delivered to its designated owner.

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