RV Pegaso is the perfect superyacht for scientists

Breaking Bad fans would get a kick out of this superyacht. For all those who fancied the idea of converting an RV (in this case, Recreational Vehicle) into a meth lab and cooked up the finest meth, the RV Pegaso superyacht is meant for you. RV Pegaso and RV here means Research Vessel is a superyacht that also doubles up as a scientific laboratory for marine biologists and scientists and comes with a 14-ton submarine that lets you explore profound depths of the ocean. Of course, the yacht comes with its share of luxury offering amenities that you would find on any other superyacht with 6 suites, flat-screen TVs, designer furniture and en-suite bathrooms, an eight-person spa pool, bar, cinema, gym, and extensive observation lounge: basically the whole 9 yards.

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The 74 meter RV Pegaso is owned by an accomplished diver and marine preservationist who wishes to keep his identity private.
What used to be the superyacht’s dining room has now been converted into a research lab that is equipped with apparatus capable of everything from tagging endangered marine life to monitoring water pollution levels.
The 14-ton, 5-person submarine that can go to depths of up to 170 meters will allow both researchers and guests to dive deeper and explore uncharted territories on board the RV Pegaso. It’s the world’s only privately owned diver-lockout sub, allowing divers to enter and leave underwater via different chambers and explore depths few others have ventured before.
With all the necessary gear required for diving, including a unit that produces high-quality oxygen, deep-sea divers as well as diving enthusiasts can rest assured that their diving needs are taken care of.
Not letting research take over luxury, the RV Pegaso includes superyacht comforts such as cinema, spa, and helicopter pad.
All this along with 6 suites can accommodate up to 12 guests. The number of scientists that onto this boat depends on the number guests there in the first place. Although we aren’t fighting over space on the yacht are we?

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