Maybach loses its shine, may close down

The high-end Maybach is kind of taking a bow, with 29 of the original 71 stores (in the States) closing down. With news of Rolls Royce and Bentley making record sales, Maybach’s sales of around 800 cars since its 2002 launch sticks out like a sore thumb. Most of the Maybach stores also sell Mercedes models and the dealers had to invest over half a million dollars to accommodate the premium label. The goal for last year’s sales was 600 cars and the dealers managed to sell only 146 cars. The U.S chief of Mercedes has said that the affected dealers will be suitably compensated but may dealers stand to lose a significant amount of what they had invested. The main problem with the Maybach is that it’s an over-priced “bloated Mercedes-Benz.” There is not much of a difference between that and a fully loaded S-Class.

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It is sad to see a venture go in a loss hence one can feel empathy for the dealers, one poor soul sold just seven Maybachs over five years. He said that the revenue wasn’t enough to cover the costs of the studio, demo car, and inventory of parts.

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