Meet the Japanese lawyer who drives a $1.15 million Mclaren P1 hypercar to work everyday

Hypercars, they are the kind of cars that are even rare in Monaco. Packed with power and space age technology these cars put the rules of mechanical engineering to the test. One of the brightest example is the Mclaren P1 a hybrid hypercar which hits 60 mph from a standstill in under 60 seconds. Cars like these usually spend their lives on the race track or climate controlled garages. But thats not the case with Go Hiramatsu that uses his $1.15 million car for his daily grind. Commuting from his home to office on the crowded streets of Tokyo. Mclaren teamed with him to make a video / advertorial that showcases that hypercars are practical too.

Hiramtsu loves his P1 and enjoys it on the empty mountain roads and on the Fuji Speedway where he is touched 188 mph (302 km/hr). He also patiently waves back to amazed onlookers and when he drives back late from work turns on the electric mode to not wake up the neighborhood.
[ Via : Roadandtrack ]

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