Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing mark 12 years of their partnership with a carbon fiber laden speedboat

Mercedes-AMG’s latest creation, crafted almost entirely out of carbon fiber, is one of its most powerful models till date with 1600 horsepower on tap. That’s right! However, it can attain a top speed of 83 mph, because it’s a boat. Meet the 41′ AMG Carbon Edition cigarette boat, a 41-foot speedboat spawned out of the partnership between the German automaker’s performance car division and Miami-based Cigarette Racing. The folks in Affalterbach said that they used the new AMG GT four-door coupe as inspiration for crafting the racing boat. The Cigarette Racing boat worked with Mercedes-AMG to come up with the special exterior and interior of the boat along with the construction that saw the extensive use of carbon fiber. Along with being used at more noticeable areas like the deck, rudder, hard top, and roof lining, carbon fiber has also been put to use in the construction of the boat’s hull to add rigidity while making the watercraft as light as possible. As a result, the new AMG and Cigarette Racing boat weighs 500 pounds less than the AMG GT R-inspired 50’ Marauder AMG from 2017.

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The interior of the boat is styled to match the ones found in the Mercedes-AMG’s finest sports cars thanks to the use of carbon fiber and Alcantara. Powering the new Carbon Edition are four Mercury Racing 400R outboard engines, which as mentioned before produces 1600hp and helps the boat reach a top speed of 83mph. The Carbon Edition can seat up to 20 people at cruising speed, but it can only carry 8 people when it needs to hit top speed. The 41′ AMG Carbon Edition will be on display at the Miami International Boat Show from February 14-18.

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